The Story Of Morgan Ruffini (To Be Continued…)

Here is Morgan Ruffini looking increasingly anxious about his journey along the Eurovelo 5. He set off a couple of days ago from London and is heading for Parma. And below, in his own words (which have already appeared on this site over the last couple of weeks as comments), is his story. Morgan is going to email me updates as he travels south so he may well become a familiar figure on over the next couple of weeks… Just as I was before heading out along the Eurovelo 5, he’s a novice when it comes to long-distance cycling;

Hi Andrew

In the 1st or 2nd week of July I am setting off along Eurovelo 5. I have bought your book and am reading it right now. I am setting off from Dieppe, going to Beauvais and Reims to join route 5 at Metz, and carry on to Parma in Italy. I am pretty scared at the moment… and if any of you are planning the same trip please let me know if you would like to share parts of the journey. Cheers to all, Morgan

Hi Andrew

Thank you for the encouragement, it’s really appreciated. The fact is that in your book you sound pretty relaxed about cycling and finding a place to sleep along the route, but I am the opposite… I’m scared finding nothing else [and will have to resort to] wild camping. Also in your book you do an average of 100 km per day….I have never done it….I just cycle to work 24 km per day…I do not know how realistic is for me to follow your per day route average… Thanks, Morgan

Hi Andrew

Thank you once again for your encouragement…. it’s really appreciated. In your book you mentioned you got insured, could you please tell me what kind of insurance you bought for your trip or which one would I need. Thank you very much.

P.S. I’m still reading your book… well about to finish where I would stop in Parma…. reading about your second spoke being broken…. well it is my fear as well…. I broke a spoke just 2 weeks ago for the first time, and I didn’t know that it was the spoke but after a while I remembered the description of a broken spoke in Mark Beaumont book and I realised that I broke my first spoke. Thank you again, ciao ciao… Morgan

Hi Andrew

I am leaving for my Eurovelo 5 in few days, would you mind if I use your site to post on my progress while cycling. Please let me know. Thank you, Morgan

Please encourage Morgan as he cycles. You can email him directly by following this link or by posting a comment below.

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  1. Hi Andrew; sorry for not emailing you as agreed but from this hotel in Reims I cannot get into my email account. I set off on Sunday morning very early from Dieppe as the ferry arrived at 5am; I did well and done 105 km to Beauvais as planned; the following day I made 101km and stopped in a very nice camping in Bernie-Riviere as planned but the following day I was burnt out, I could not wake up, so I took a day off and slept the whole day; today was not too bad, I made it to Reims with 84 km; tomorrow I should do almost the same to Clermont en Argonne. After all I am less scared than I was a week ago. Ciao, ciao

    • Hi Morgan
      Thanks for the update. I would imagine that now you have moved on a little further. Delighted to hear that you are less scared than you were last week. I told you not to worry 🙂
      Happy cycling

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