Matt Krug: Heading West

I spent a few minutes at the weekend updating my Warmshowers recommendations… and so has Matt Krog who visited Reading the weekend before last;

“I stayed with Andrew the first night of my London – Dublin tour. As well as being a world-famous author, he is also an extremely friendly and welcoming host. I would definitely recommend Andrew. He also makes a mean chorizo pasta. I’m making some headway into your book, and loving it!”

I have to say that my pasta was pretty good but world-famous author? Not quite there yet Matt. Perhaps one day. Matt’s own website is well worth investigating. Just as I was only a couple of years ago, he’s a newbie in the cycle-touring world but seems to have taken to it like a duck to water and let’s face it, he’s probably had plenty of the latter so far. From little old Welsh ladies to not-so-deserted airports in the middle of nowhere, I’m sure there will be many, many more tales to come. I’m already looking forward to him starting his Eurovelo 6 journey in a few weeks time…

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