Get On Your Bike And Ride! (If You Can’t, Ask Ben!)

I note with equal amounts of respect and jealousy that Martin Lewis of has this week, to his credit, become very rich indeed by selling his website. I have never seen my own little corner of the world-wide web as a money-making venture (although let it be said that if you would like to buy for a substantial amount of money, I’m open to offers!), and as such this site remains advert free. What you see you your left and right are not adverts; more recommendations to the online realms of friends and fellow cycling enthusiasts. I’m about to add another; a guy from Reading called Ben. I have only met him, very briefly, once. It was a few months ago and he was handing out leaflets in the main street in Reading encouraging people to use his mobile bike repair service. It struck me that at a time of high unemployment and general doom and gloom about the economic outlook, he had done what people are so often encouraged to do; get off your backside and start a business.

I contacted him and asked if I could mention him on and he has sent a short blurb. It is below. I shall add a link to his website either on the left or the right of this page. And if you live in or around Reading and need your bike repaired in situ, he is clearly your man!

Get on your bike and ride!

Ask Ben’s Bikes is based in Reading, Berkshire and offers prompt mobile bicycle servicing, repairs and upgrades.

Ask Ben also sells second-hand bikes. If you need any help selling a bike Ask Ben also has shop access.

Ask Ben works when and where it suits you. You may wish to wait, shop, work or be at home.

Offering a single service, a family deal and even a yearly plan deal, please see for more information.

Also single jobs like squeaky brakes or clunky gears.

Ask Ben will always offer an honest and helpful service and delivers to you with care and integrity.

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  1. Hi Andrew,

    How are things? The website has had a face-lift and I am now on facebook too. Although I’m still getting the hang of it all ๐Ÿ™‚



  2. HI Andrew,

    and everyone who may read this, thank you for generously putting the add up for Ask Ben’s Mobile Bicycle Servicing.

    Ask Ben would be delighted to give you a free service to say thank you.

    Also if anyone you know may need Ask Ben’s services they will get a 20% discount on any single servicing.


    Ben Judge @ Ask Ben’s Bikes.

    07984 911 782

    twitter – askbenbikes

    • Thanks for that Ben. I may well take you up on the offer towards the end of July when Reggie finishes his day job of transporting me to Henley and back every day for the summer break. I’ll be in touch!

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