Warmshowers: Updated!

As you can see, I’ve given up not using exclamation marks. Sorry Isobel. I will however continue to use them carefully and only when needed. I’m not sure one was actually needed in the title to this post but there you go…

So, to Warmshowers, the site that puts touring cyclists in contact with other touring cyclists or at least those who don’t mind having touring cyclists come into their houses or pitch their tent on their lawn. Or indeed have a nice warm shower in their bathroom, hence the name. Kate, my visitor last weekend (she of the goat farming fame – see below) found me via Warmshowers which has spurred me into updating the profile which is what I have just done. There are four of us in Reading and it looks like I’ve got the urban crowd coming to me as I’m the only one within a spitting distance of the town centre. If you’re after a bit of lawn, you might need to contact either Simon, Michael or Rob. Their names seem familiar…

Anyway, although I’m up for a bit of accommodating, I’m also more than up for a bit of being accommodated in summer 2013 and I have updated my profile with details of the Eurovelo 8 trip and even initiated a forum. Watch this space for updates! (Was that necessary?)

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