2,012: Let’s Celebrate!

You really can’t fault the marketing arm of London 2012. They seize upon any opportunity to remind us all that in only a few months (probably better to now say ‘few weeks’) the Olympic Games will be upon us and I’ll be strutting my stuff as a London 2012 Games Maker (a.k.a. volunteer). Earlier today, we passed the 2,012 hour mark; I know because I was reminded via an email from London 2012 and numerous references on it Twitter. That really does make it sound very close indeed; it’s a significant milestone along the way to the opening ceremony on July 27th, but not the only one. 2,012 years ago, in theory, Jesus had just been born and his parents were no doubt fretting about what they could do with all that gold, frankincense, and myrrh… 2,012 days ago, well, that would have been, err… sometime in November 2006. That’s when all of these events were taking place. Glancing quickly down the lists of comings and goings, I can only vaguely remember the going of Alan ‘Fluff’ Freeman. Today is 2,012 hours to go and it will be the 26th July 2012 when we have only 2,012 minutes or 33 hours & 32 minutes. I’ll no doubt be in bed at the time after having worked a night shift as an Olympic Games Maker. You’ll have to celebrate in my absence. Have fun.

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