Koga Trekking Bike Pornography

Facebook friend and ex-Emmerdale Farm (it will always be a farm to me, despite its modern-day aspirations; Seth Armstrong would never have approved the change) actor Richard Moore has just contacted me asking about new bikes. It got me dreaming again and I headed off to the Koga website to drool… I have now wiped the saliva from my keyboard and can share with you the results of my research. Three Koga bikes are compared below. I just love the fact that the Dutch company make trekking bikes which have trekking bars as standard. Now, who wants to give me 2,000€ to invest in a bike that will take me around the World. No? OK. World Trip (see previous post) cancelled. I’ll be back in school on the 16th April and start saving my money. For my trip from Athens to Cadiz along the Eurovelo 8 in summer 2013 however, could it be time for Reggie to be replaced with Kevin Koga? Or Keith? Kenny? Kieran? (Stop now.) Kyle? (Shut up!) Click on the picture below to see the detail…

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  1. How about Colin Condor? If you know anyone that is about 6′ and wants a nice champagne coloured one pass them my details! Time to let one of the bikes go, moving home and not enough space for everything.

    • ‘Around the World on a bike called Colin’? Err… Do you think it will sell? (My future book, not Colin.) Where are you moving to btw?

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