Raleigh Sojourn Expedition Tourer

There’s a new kid on the block to rival Reggie and the other Ridgeback Panoramas out there: the Raleigh Sojourn expedition tourer. Iย haven’t ridden it, but the people at Road CC have and here’s what they have to say;

“Raleigh have gone upmarket in the do-everything tourer market with their Sojourn, just arrived at towers. Its ยฃ1,100 price pitches it among some hot competition but it has disc brakes, surely a precursor of things to come as utilitarian tourists tend to care more about how things perform and for how long, rather than how they look and how much they weigh which is taxing the sensibilities of the lightweight crowd as you read this.”

I do disagree that touring cyclists don’t care so much about how their bike looks or howย much it weighs but that apart, the rest of theย interesting review can be read here.

One frustration that I have to point out; despite the Brooks saddle, the Reynolds frame and the nod to the future with the disc brakes, why no option to have a flat trekking / butterfly bar or even hub gears?

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