Cyclemeter 6.0 App / Biologic Bike Mount

As I have mentioned before, I don’t often invest in iPhone or iPad apps on a whim. The last time I paid up for something it was the excellent Cyclepedia which is a thing of great beauty & design. However, earlier this week, just as I was getting ready for work, I made an impulse purchase; the Cyclemeter. I was actually sat on the, well, you know… and was in the process of checking Twitter (as you do) when someone tweeted about the app saying it was very good indeed. So I paid my £1.99 and downloaded on the spot. I don’t like the imagery of all this so now picture me out of the bathroom and with Reggie (who, incidentally, is now @ReggieTheBike for you Twitter people) en route to work. It is wonderful! It records more or less anything you would like it to measure (and quite a few others probably that you never imagined) and produces an extremely accurate route map at the end for you to see where you have cycled. Now, those of you out there who are long-term users of GPS devices will find all this a bit old hat but I am genuinely impressed. It tells you how many calories you are burning up as you cycle, posts the results of your efforts to Twitter (in my case Reggie’s new Twitter account) and there is even (get this) an option to have any messages that are tweeted back to you as a result of your cycling read out by someone! Quite amazing. More details from the Cyclemeter website. I am now more tempted than ever to fork out the £40+ for a ‘Biologic Bike Mount for the iPhone 4’ from Wiggle. Any thoughts on that not insignificant purchase would be appreciated. The online reviews do point out that it is still a lot cheaper than buying a waterproof GPS device (which probably doesn’t Tweet!). I’m mull over the situation as I swim up and down the pool this morning… I wonder if my Cyclemeter would count the lengths for me?

Sunday evening update: Biologic Bike Mount for the iPhone 4 ordered! More later this week.

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