The Soma Fabrications Crane Suzu Lever Strike Brass Bicycle Bell

How about that for the name of a bicycle bell! You may recall that last week I was bemoaning the quality of bells fitted to modern-day bikes in my post A Bell Of A Problem: Hornits, Pings & Brings. The ‘bring-bring’ bell I bought from Evans in Reading looked as though it would do the business but it ended up being just as pathetic as the one I removed from Reggie so it too has now been removed. Then along came ‘amateur photographer & frivolous cyclist’ John ‘The Monkey’ who suggested the Crane Bell Suzu adding that ‘the brass model has a lovely, sonorous tone, and seems loud enough to penetrate iPod earphones.’ It sounded like a contender worthy of being fitted to Reggie and I have just looked into it online. The American site has the following to say about the bell;

The Soma Fabrications Crane Suzu Lever Strike Brass Bicycle Bell is seen as nothing less than beautiful by almost every reviewer online. In fact, even music experts who have heard its ring agree that it brings out a very clear tone that is capable of resonating for up to 15 seconds with just one solid strike. It can be a great accessory match for any kind of bicycle. It comes with the timeless gold-plated designs which are kind of retro-stylish that has remained a classic for over a decade now. This bike bell is made popularly in Japan and fits up to around 22mm. You can avail it via Amazon for just around $12. So make your search easier for bike bells by just settling for Soma Fabrications Crane Suzu Lever Strike Brass Bicycle Bell to install in your very own bike.

I’m about to do just that if I can find a supplier in the U.K.!

Sunday night update: I have found a UK supplier – see hereย – but unfortunetlyย they ‘cannot be ordered at the momen’ ๐Ÿ™

Update, Friday 17th February: The bell has now arrived – you can hear it here!

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