Bike2Basics: European Festival Cycling

Here’s a novel twist of organised cycling; Bike2Basics. The name gives little away about what this sibling threesome do, but of the two brothers and one sister, it seems to be the latter who is in charge & she has contacted me with a bit of information about what they do;

“We organise free bike rides to festivals in the UK and the rest of Europe. We are trying to get people thinking not just about the environmental impact of their everyday journeys, but also their one-off journeys. It’s also an excellent way to get/keep fit in a truly enjoyable way, instead of slugging away at the gym, driven by guilt rather than fun.”

They have one of those websites that requires you to wait for a few moments while it loads (black screen with a little white line getting longer before bursting into life) which is usually a good sign of something worth waiting for and in this caseย it is;

“Bike2Basicsย organises bike tours to festivals in the UK and beyond. We cycle across the countryside under the sun, music strapped on the back our bikes. For us there is nothing funner or more freeing.

“Bike2Basicsย is the happy consequence of an unhappy accident. When Lucy was 21 she was run over by a truck and her pelvis and knee were crushed. Thankfully, after months in hospital and innumerable operations, she got back on her feet. But walking hurt, a lot. Cycling was a different story; she could cycle for hoursย and so she did. As hours turned into days her passion for cycling grew. Instead of just biking to work, she was biking to Barcelona. Lucy has since spent every summer cycling all over Europe with her brothers Sam and Harry, visiting friends and festivals. They wanted to show others how great it can be. And so Bike2Basics was born.”

So, if festivals as well as cycling are your things, have a look for yourself. The website is here, Facebook page here and Lucy’s Twitter account is here. I hope, for their sakes, that we have a sunny summer…

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