The First Post…

…of 2012. And a directly cycling-related one at that! In my quest to achieve 4,000 miles cycled this year (see previous post), I have just knocked out the first 23 on a little jaunt down the Thames to Wargrave, north (still in the direction of the Thames) to Henley and then west through Badgemore to Greys Court (where this photo was taken) and then via Sonningย Common & Binfield Heath back to Reading. It was a shakedown for the daily commute that starts tomorrow and it was nice to do some exercise after the lethargy that Christmas induces. The only downside of the short jaunt was the stupid girl in a Ford Fiesta who almost ran me down as I neared the railway bridge in the centre of Reading. The abuse I directed at her for doing so is no doubt still echoing around the girders of the newly-refurbished viaduct… She didn’t seem in the least bit concerned about what she was about to do. Not shouting at idiot drivers; that’s one New Year’s resolution broken already.

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  1. I just had a total up and seen I hit 4000 miles last year, just been out on a cold 24 miles to get this years total started, have a feeling I won’t hit that many again this year. Maybe slightly fewer but higher quality miles? Try and get faster and lighter by combining my training efforts with a better diet. Not a resolution just a thought on how I’ll approach this year.

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