My 3,000th Tweet: Rohloff v. Sturmey-Archer!

While I was browsing the Cyclepedia app (see previous post), I came across a reference to the Rohloff Speedhub. It’s a gear-changing mechanism that I have never seen but which has fascinated me since I watched Mark Beaumont’s documentary about cycling the Americas. He used one. It is, apparently, the modern-day equivalent of the Sturmey-Archer system that most of us probably used on those childhood bikes of the 1970s. But hang on, stop! A little search on the Internet tells me that they are still at it. You can pay your money and take your pick. The video here from Rohloff makes fascinating viewing. I think I want one… Now, did that make a suitable 3000th Tweet? I think so.


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  1. Hi Andrew, I’ve just bought a VSF Fahrrad TX1000 with Rohloff & after traditional derailleur setup on Ridgeback am looking forward to less maintenance on next tour & ability to change gears while stood still! Will see you at Touring Festival if you want a proper chat about it😃👍🚴🎪🌞


    • Hi Darrell
      Nice to hear from you. And I’m very excited that you have a Rohloff!!! As my path won’t be leading me to the north-west in the near future, can you instead tell me what it’s like to cycle with one? I find it difficult to understand how what is normally done by some seriously large cogs on a bike, can be done inside a little mechanism like the Rohloff. Tell more!


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