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I am in bed. The bed is too short. This makes it difficult to sleep. It isn’t my normal bed; it’s the bed in the attic of my brother’s house where I have been staying for the last few days over Christmas. It’s cold and the rain is lashing against the skylight window. It is also 5am and I am wide awake. I need an aspirational cycling magazine to take me away from all of this… And I think I may have found one in the form of Boneshaker Magazine. It describes itself as follows;

Boneshaker Magazine is a celebration of cycling and the people who do it. Full of articles, personal stories and anecdotes about people and projects doing great things with bicycles around the globe. It is our hope that the magazine will both inspire and entertain, raise awareness and bring a smile to your face. Appealing to both bike-heads and those who may not yet have experienced the true joy and freedom that can be found from our two-wheeled friends.

Inspire & entertain? Someone described my book usingย those words so it sounds as though Boneshaker Magazine may be for me. The first three issues available to read online. Issuesย three to seven are available to order. Unfortunetly, none of the bike shops in Reading yet stock it but Stanfords in London – where I am going later today – do, so I will pick up a copy en route back home. Feedback on here soon…

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