Reggies Virtually Reunited

Reggie, my eponymous bike is going strong, especially after his three-figure Christmas refit at AW Cycles earlier this week (it’s worth paying for the parts and labour just to get him gleaming again). Alf Grant, a prospective UK to Italy cyclist who I met for a chat in the summer and who lives in nearby Newbury has finally receivedย his Ridgeback Panorama. Here it (he? she?) is in all its (his? her?) glory. But he is not the only one. “My friend Gareth also purchased a Ridgeback Panorama recently…so they are proving very popular” he reports. Alexis Pond also contacted me earlier in the month saying “…I do touring myself, so when I came across your story of touring down to Italy, I read it with interest (good for you).ย  It surprised me a little when I noticed that Reggie is exactly the same bicycle as I have, right down to the butterfly handle bars.” Now this is intriguing. Another owner of a Ridgeback Panorama who has removed the drop handlebars and replaced them with flat, trekking bars. I’ve asked Alexis for a picture but she hasn’t sent one yet. If she does, it will appear here.

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