Why Are Cyclists Using Video Cameras?

I have similar encounters to this guy a lot less regularly, mainly due to the fact that I normally cycle to work at 6am. (Yes, I amย an idiot.) However, on the occasions when I do cycle during rush hour, I have to say that it’s a regular occurrence. That said, I have found a new way of venting my frustration; I stop in the road (especially if I am able to block the person who was about to run me over)… and stare, silently at the perpetrator of the mad driving. I like to see them squirm in embarrassment, especially if others are around. Not always though; I do shout from time to time but I’d like to think that my bleep count would be a little less that the cyclist shown here. He does need a chill pill…

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  1. I think that guy had some justification to be pissed at some of those incidents. But on the other hand I think he could have taken it a but easier and been less confrontational. A bit of the shake of the head in most of those circumstances would have sufficed and let the drivers know there was no need to do what they did, that gets the point across in a much less confrontational manner that shouting and waving a fist. I think most of those drivers would have done the same to a car as they did to him in pulling out in front of him and the like.

    Everyone just needs to be a bit more considerate of each other be it car, van, pedestrian, lorry, bus or cyclist. We are all just Human beings at the end of the day, with lives, families, etc to go home to. It is much more important to get home in one piece unscathed than getting home minutes earlier or getting in a fight over a space on the road.

  2. You must have experience a bit of this in Truro, Chris ? I cycle there almost every day and I certainly have.

    • I travel 50 miles in Richard, so no to that one. You’ve reminded me of my cycles to Plymouth and experiencing similar issues though.

      • Can’t you just arrest the drivers? Or would that be abuse of your powers? I’d be at least tempted to flash my badge, Starsky & Hutch style ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. It must be a nightmare cycling in London, depths of Cornwall for me even though it does bring its own challenges. No street lights, dark, muddy and wet country lanes and big distances to work are all commuter limiting factors. I’m sure the guy making the video has a lot to contend with which I haven’t experienced, but I do agree with the chill pill and couldn’t help get the feel that everything was an issue.

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