New Online Bookshop Opens! now has its own bookshop! You can visit it via the link at the top of this page or by clicking on the picture here. It has a limited number of titles on sale consisting of some books that I would considerย to be my favourites. If you have any suggestions for any additional books, please let me know & I’ll considerย adding them. You’ll probably notice that my bookshop has a travel theme but I don’t think Stanfords have too much to worry about just yet…

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  1. Suggestions for additional books – all cycle touring/travelling based book I have read…

    Cycling Home From Siberia – Rob Lilwall
    Moods of Future Joys – Alastair Humphreys
    Thunder & Sunshine – Alastair Humphreys
    Discovery Road – Tim Garatt & Andy Brown
    Travels with Rosinante – Bernard Magnouloux
    Take a Seat – Dominic Gill
    Cold Beer & Crocodiles – Roff Smith
    Cycling Back to Happiness – Bernie Friend
    Why Don’t You Fly (Backdoor to Beijing – Christopher J A Smith
    2 Wheels on My Wagon – Paul Howard
    Falling Uphill – Scott Stoll
    4 Cheeks to the Wind – Mary Bryant
    The Road That Has No End – Tim Travis
    Down The Road in South America – Tim Travis
    Down The Road in Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam – Tim Travis
    One Man & His Bike – Mike Carter
    Tea for Two – Polly Benge
    Bicycle Diaries – David Byrne
    Riding With Ghosts – Gwen Maka
    Bike Touring Survival Guide – Friedel & Andrew Grant
    Two Wheels Over Catalonia – Richard Guise
    Over The Hill & Round The Bend – Richard Guise
    A Bike Ride – Anne Mustoe
    Lone Traveller – Anne Mustoe
    Cleopatra’s Needle – Anne Mustoe
    Adventure Cycling Handbook – Stephen Lord
    You’ve Gone Too Far This Time – Danny Bent

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