Lucas Brunelle: Must See Videos

Lucas Brunelle has just followed me on Twitter. I checked out his website; you should do the same. Here it is. I just watched his video filmed in London. My God! The guy is obviously on some kind of suicide mission on a bike but it doesn’t half make exhilarating viewing. Now I’m usually the first to tut and turn my nose up at cyclist who don’t follow the rules of the road, but he has takenย doing so to the absolute extreme and for that, I have to admit, I slightly admire him despite his utter idiocy.ย My argument makes no sense of course…ย I wouldn’t even bother trying to count the number of traffic regulations he breaks. Watch out for the police car in the London video. I’m off to watch some more of them…

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  1. Strangely compelling in a totally irresponsible way! I would like to have seen one of them knocked flying for a bit of justice.
    Would this not count as evidence for prosecution for all the offences it shows?

    • I know what you mean! As I say above, I’m a bit of a sanctimonious cyclist and look down upon those who zoom past me when there is a red light, but this guy is just so ludicrously off the end of the scale of cycling rebellion, I just can’t help but admire him. Sadly, if he continues in that vein however, he may meet his maker sooner than perhaps he wants to…

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