A Night Of Small Adventures?

On August 6th, 2009, I was cycling through the Yorkshire Dales on my pre-Eurovelo 5 shakedown trying to work out if I was suited to long-distance cycling. I wrote the following comments on the blog; “On passing through a pristine village called Airton, I stopped to enquire if there was a shop or pub and got chatting to the bloke I had asked. He told me that a chap called Alastair Humphreys lives in the village and that he had cycled around the World and written about it.” I’d never heard of Alastair Humphreys at the time but when I finished my cycle along the Pennine Cycleway, I looked him up and bought his book, Moods Of Future Joys. It recounts his journey around the World; he set off with the intention of cycling to Australia but then, ten years ago tomorrow, the events of September 11th intervened and his journey took a turn through Africa instead of across what was about to become a bit of a continental battlefield. He is still in the adventure business. His website describes him as an ‘adventurer, author & motivational speaker’ and his list of exploits puts my two cycle trips into perspective to say the least. Over the last few years, he has started to organise Nights of Adventure which I mentioned about six months ago in my post Calling All Adventurers. I should really attend one of the events as they sound not only very informative but also quite a lot of fun. Yesterday, Alastair Tweeted ‘Fighting to make the world less boring: @theadventurists will liven up #NightofAdventure #Bristol @danadventurists to which I Tweeted back ‘@Al_Humphreys @theadventurists @danadventurists How about a #NightofSmallAdventures for those of us who can’t quite manage the big ones?’. And much to my surprise, Alastair sent me a message explaining that it was an idea he had been toying with for a while and that if I had any thoughts, I should get in touch with him. I’ve been pondering such a Night of Small Adventures all day… What do you all you fellow small-time adventurers out there think?

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  1. Hi Andrew,

    I need to run it by Hope and Homes but what I might do is try and arrange X ‘famous’ speakers [to get tickets flogged] and then invite ‘X’ other people to also talk about their projects. Needs thinking through but it would be nice to include local people who have done cool stuff…

  2. I am looking to do Nights of Adventure in several cities across the UK as each one makes about £9000 for Hope and Homes for Children.
    However there are not enough ‘professional’ adventurers / speakers in all these cities for the event to work. I was wondering then if I could get ‘normal’ people who have still done amazing things to get involved themselves somehow…

    • Hi Alastair
      Apologies for the delay is replying; I only function on a non-teaching level during term time at weekends 🙂
      I’ve been mulling over what you have posted above. The fact is you need the big names; the likes of you or Mark Beaumont or Oli Broom etc… to pull in the crowds I suppose but there must be dozens of people out there like me who would be happy and willing to play second fiddle to the ‘great’ adventurers by giving entertaining presentations about their ‘small-time’ adventures like mine along the Eurovelo 5 to Brindisi. As a teacher I have no qualms about standing up in front of a (sometimes) hostile crowd trying to speak and entertain! I have survived so far…
      More than happy to assist in your plans 🙂
      Happy exploring

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