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  1. looks like a spagetti junction of the cycle lane world.

    Reminded me of a joke:
    A piece of black tarmac is in the pub at the bar (try and visualise that if you can?) and is bragging away at how hard he is and how many lorries etc run over him all day long and it never bothers him cause he is the hardest tarmac. Then a piece of red tarmac come in the door and the black tarmac runs off the the toilet to hide there while the red tarmac has his drink. The black tarmac resurfaces when the red tarmac has left. The barman asks him why he was hiding from the red tarmac “I thought you were the hardest bit of tarmac around, why were you hiding from him then?”. The black tarmac answered “that’s no normal bit of tarmac that’s a psycho path!”

    badum tish!

    • I was in the pub when I read that and did so to my drinking partner. I had to explain it to him but it is my kind of humour…

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