Forbury Gardens, Reading; All Life Is Here

En route home from my morning coffee and newspaper in town, it struck me how harmonious and diverse were the people sitting, playing, reading, chatting, sunbathing, relaxing, smoking, eating, drinking, kissing, thinking… in Forbury Gardens, Reading. There are probably around 200 of them. None, as far as I can see are rioting, stealing, mugging, abusing, threatening… And every social group is represented; young, old, male, female, singles, couples, groups, friends, lovers, white, black, Asian, British, foreign, brown-haired, blond-haired, ginger-haired, tall, short, rich, poor, happy, sad, able-bodied, disabled, fat, thin, healthy, unhealthy. Society is not broken, at least not here in Forbury Gardens.

Categories: Cycling

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