Is It A Bird? Is It An Airbus?

Of course not, you fool! It’s Reggie’s new back wheel, a Mavic A319. ‘Even better than the Alexrims DH19’ to quote the guy at A.W. Cycles. Any thoughts? And why is it necessary to tell me that the ‘rim [is] subject to wear’? The apples in my fridge are subject to being eaten but there is no warning on the bag…

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  1. I’ve got some Mavic T217 rims on my tourer. Champagne colour which matches the Champagne frame nicely. Tough as old boots too.

    Did they build the rim on the old hub?

  2. Good touring duty rims. A lot of people use these, arguably only the rigida sputnik or grizzly are tougher. They should have a wear indicator on the side wall (where the brakes press) that when it gets scrubbed out it is time for a new rim.
    Trousers are also subject to wear but it is less life threatening if you get a hole in your pants! So no wear indicators there!!

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