Déjà Vu

This Sunday – the one before the last week of the academic year – is the one on which I set off on my long cycle south from Reading to Brindisi. The date was actually 18th July which is of course tomorrow but let’s not quibble. It seems apt then that I should once again be heading in the direction of London, as I did 364 days ago, to meet up with friend Paul. Last year I was of course on Reggie and today I am on a train packed full of foreign students who are here to study English. Think I preferred the bike. The plan for today is to meet at Canary Wharf tube station – Paul lives nearby – and walk through the Greenwich foot tunnel towards Goldsmiths College to see the end of degree show of students studying Art. I had a comical episode at the tunnel with Reggie lat year as when we arrived, restoration work was in full swing at the southern end so I had to carry my faithful steed up the spiral staircase. I do hope the work is now complete; I went for a stuttering jog this morning and am a little creaky as a result. Spiral stairs may be beyond me.

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