The Pompey To Pompeii Cycle Challenge

Allan Muir writes;

I wrote to you in the early days of your preparation for Eurovelo 5 – about GPS tracking, I think (I still enjoy dipping into your blog to see what you’re up to).  At the time I and a couple of folk were planning a charity ride from Hastings to Pompeii. This since grew into the “Pompey to Pompeii Cycle Challenge” because one of the rare genetic diseases my charity supports is called Pompe Disease.

We currently have 19 riders signed up for the event and could manage a couple more. We have most of our accommodation supplied for free by Accor hotels and great deal of sponsorship, both in kind and in donations. This means that all the sponsorship raised by participants will go directly to the charity…. It will take three weeks to complete, starting on September 10th, and cyclists have the additional challenge of raising £3000 in sponsorship. We will accept cyclists joining us for one or two weeks and we are also hoping that a handful will ride with us from Portsmouth to Dover.

Another point of interest is that we are hoping to make a short documentary film about the event. This will contrast the challenges facing the cyclists with those of families living with Glycogen Storage Disease

The link to Allan’s charity is here. It’s a pity that they are starting on the 10th September when I will be back at work after the summer holiday but if you are interested in joining him, he is very keen for people to get in touch. Good luck to his and his fellow riders!

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