Highs & Lows

I was at the Eiffel Tower if you didn’t guess… That was the high (although I didn’t go to the top). But disappointing that I haven’t got any tickets for any of the Olympic events… ๐Ÿ™ No money has been taken from my account. But… I do understand the nature of a lottery! Which is clearly more than most of those who are currently ringing into Radio Five Live complaining about not having been allocated tickets. It would be impossible to give all 60 million people in the country tickets. You win some and you lose some… Get over it!

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  1. You are not alone in not gaining tickets. I’m resigned to watching the road cycle race from some vantage point on Box Hill. Couple of the guys did a reccy ride up there and got chatting to a farmer about camping in his field. If that doesn’t come off I think camping nearby then an early cycle up Box Hill to secure a spot will be in order (all depending upon what access they allow!). We’ve got all annual leave banned for the Olympics anyway to deal with all the pasengers there are likely to be so would have been hard to make it to many events!

    • Yes, good tactic. Lots of events โ€“ marathons, road races, triathlon etcโ€ฆ will be in the great outdoors so it shoud be easy to sport something by simply standing by the side of the road. Still hoping that my application to be a volunteer will come to fruition howeverโ€ฆ I will be thinking of you as you give the once over to all the visitors in Folkestone!!

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