Back Against The Clock

I have just refitted the bike computer back on Reggie. Now that I can see the digits (the days are finally becoming a little bit longer after the short days of winter), let’s see how fast I can get to and from work. I will be assisted a little by Reading Borough Council who have fallen out with traffic lights and are switching them off, even removing them all over the town meaning fewer delays. I wonder if I could ever do the 6 mile journey in anywhere near 20 minutes; that’s “only” 18 miles per hour. Mmm… That is asking too much I think. Cycling home is quicker than cycling to work; apart from the inbuilt incentive of travelling home, the long hill through Caversham slows me down. I’ll report back tomorrow evening.
Update: 7.30pm, Monday 14th
Reading Bridge to Gillotts School: 25 mins 40 secs
Gillotts School to Reading Bridge: 22 mins 40 secs
Not too far off 20 minutes!!

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  1. 6 miles in 20 mins once sounded like a big ask to me.
    I was very suprised when I achieved it. Trafic is probably your biggest problem followed by traffic lights!
    My record for the 11.8 mile commute to work is about 34 mins and some seconds. About 20.5mph.
    I was breathing hard for a good half hour after and that includes 1100 foot of climb. The ride home was a leisurely. Don’t think I will better that one this year!

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