Calling All Adventurers!

You wait all week for a blog post and then four come along all at once! Sorry for the flood but remember that I am a teacher and only function on other levels on a weekend…

An interesting nudge from Iain Harper earlier this week (see Iain’s own blog by clicking here). He had received an email from Alastair Humphreys (how did you manage that Iain?), the guy who cycled around the World in late 2001 taking two years and then wrote two books about the experience. He is now a motivational speaker and all round “adventurer”. If I am Vauxhall Conference, he is Barclaysย Premiership. Anyway, here is the email that Iain has received;

Hi there,

As a fellow cycling enthusiast I wonder if you’d be willing to help me drum up some people for an event I’m arranging in London. The premise is simple: a big room, a bar, and a room full of people dreaming of adventure or who have been on adventures. A chance to ask questions and answer questions:

If you follow the link, Alastair gives quite a bit of extra information about the event which takes place on the 7th April at 6.30pm at the Royal Geographical Society (on the corner between the Albert Hall & Imperial College)ย in London. It’s tempting as I do fall into the bracket of both having done a little adventure (Eurovelo 5) and planning another one (Eurovelo 8). I would imagine that I would be outshone by bearded students planning to cross the Siberian plains on a space hopper but it’s worth considering. I wonder if Iain is interested is going along too?

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    • Don’t think I can make it and don’t want to book a ticket and not turn up at someone else’s expense that could make it. Shame it isn’t the following Thursday as I’ll be up in London then for a meeting and could have hung back for it. You?

      • It’s the penultimate day of term and I think I have arranged something for that day after school but I’ll check tomorrow morning and act accordingly…

  1. I recieved an email from another round the world cyclist , David Piper, giving an update on his updated travel details on his website. He has just uploaded details of his Maroccan trip which looked a great option for a 2 week holiday. You can find out about David Pipers round the world (in some bite size and some not so bite size chunks) here:
    In the email distribution list I was quite surprised to see that I was keeping company with Alastair Humphreys and I think he must have taken me as a contact from that email.

    The meeting sounds interesting and I think the info that could be gleaned from it for a trip like Eurovelo 8 would be of particular assistance in for tackling the Northern African Countries.

    As an aside I really like Alastair Humphreys ideas around mini adventures. He’s trying to fit in one a month and I wouldn’t mind doing something similar. I think my first one will be walking the 20 miles home from work along the coastal path on the white cliffs one Friday afternoon/evening.

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