Reggie Gets A Surprise Facelift

And he is shining like a new penny. I only took him down to the repair shop to investigate a wobbly back wheel due to another spoke becoming loose… but when I collected him earlier today they had cleaned him, replaced the brake pads and cables, a worn back tyre (which had seen me through the 3,000 kms of Eurovelo 5) and have polished him until he shines. Almost like new again. I was almost happy to pay the 80 quid they charged me!

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  1. Thats good value servicing!
    Last time I got mine professionally serviced and set up was 2005. They freed the back brake, replaced the gear cable outers, set it up and charged me £110. Ouch. Soon learned the value of learning how to do it myself. My car service costs about that to this day.

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