Evans Cycles Maintenance Videos

These are quite good (although probably a bit basic for some of the regular readers of this blog!); I really should learn how to look after my own bike a bit better…

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  1. Maintainence. Most of the stuff you need to know can be gleaned from the web. As always, sheldon brown is a veritable gold mine of info. Most tasks on a bike are straightforward. Some specialist kit is necessary for some things but I justify the expense of a tool against the self sufficiency it gives me and the knowledge and confidence to have a go at fixing my own.
    Building a bike from the frame up was my first big project but although a few mistakes were made it is still ridable and in a friends barn.
    Speaking of which.. This looks like a good pub rat bike for the money!
    Good lightweight crafted steel frame and in good nick. At that price if you did all your own maintainance and ruined it it would be still cheaper than a course of lessons.

  2. I have used these too!
    My plan last year was to use the money I got for my birthday to do on a course, and at the same time rebuild, upgrade my bike as I learnt.
    However (Not that I am ungrateful you understand), instead of giving me money, my family clubbed together and got me a new bike!
    So although I have a better bike, I am non the wiser at maintenance!

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