Watch This Space. Not!

Nothing happened of any importance in my life this weekend. I didn’t even make it down to the gym. I certainly didn’t learn how to juggle.
Someone has, however, linked to this website recommending it as a source of information about the Eurovฤ—lo 5. I just spent a few minutes reading through some of the posts I made this summer and it reminds me of what I did and what I should be proud of achieving. I desperately need a new project in life. One to better the 3,200 kilometre cycle from Reading to Brindisi. I need to decide what that will be and when I will do it by the end of the year. Otherwise a boring, unproductive weekend could turn out to be a blueprint for the months and years ahead…
(A kid at school reprimanded me last week for putting four dots at the end of one of my paragraphs; it should always be three…. whoops!)

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  1. It may well be a struggle to top this summers adventure in the time you get off school…
    Culturaly challenging
    physically challenging
    or pioneering.

    You seem pretty good with the european culture… Elsewhere?
    You can ride a bike… walking, running, sailing?
    You seem up for the challenge… But what has not been done? A little imagination might bring that to you.
    Could you make a route up that meant you would never sleep in a hotel?
    A weekend fallow often brings out the best ideas.
    Talking to others also helps. Ever been on a local CTC ride? Lots of worldly experience gathers there, cafe stops are good places to start an adventure..
    Try one.

  2. Like you having finished this years cycle – Hamburg to Venice (3000km) we are of course looking for our next project and think we have found it – the Eurovelo 6. Looks great and is well documented starts off very easy culturally then gets much more challenging in Eastern Europe – is about 3500km. wlould really like to continue on to Istanbul once we get to Constansa but unfortunately dont think we can be away for that lenghth of time.

    Ciao Tricia

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