Fifty Thousand!

At some point today, the counter over there on the right will tick over to 50,000 hits on this website (plus the 7,500 when it used to be hosted by Blogger). It could be you! That’s 50,000 in about 10 months! Here are some fascinating (!) facts about those 50,000 visitors (OK, I know that many of them will be the same people returning to the site more than once but don’t ruin my moment of glory);

There have been 842 posts, 760 comments in 6 categories with 216 tags

This was busiest day was the day (731 hits)

This has been the top “referrer” (1,109 referrals)

This has been the top “search engine term” (1,014 searches)

This has been the top page apart from the homepage (4,320 hits)

This has, bizarrely, been the top post (717 hits)

This has been the top “click” (1,310 clicks)

This has been the top picture (272 views)

And here is what you get if you type “50,000” into Google image search (I couldn’t choose!);

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