WordPress have revamped the way in which they show the statistics of people visiting the blogs they host, such as ! Here is the bar chart that shows the number of visitors per week since March 2010. I love how the chart peaks on week 31; that was the week when I cycled to the top of the St. Gotthard Pass. A few re-Tweets by @mrmarkbeaumont helped as well!

I now need to write something interesting to get my statistics going back uphill again. Or do something interesting and write abou it. Today I will struggle as I am 1. doing some paperwork for school, 2. meeting some friends for coffee at lunchtime, 3. doing more paperwork for school, 4. watching Strictly Come Dancing & the X Factor with a friend. 2 & 4 are nice but probably not worth blogging about! If 1 & 2 are productive, perhaps Sunday may be a promising blogging-firendly day. 🙂

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