Eurovelo 5: The View From 30,000 Feet

I found it difficult to match up many places that I flew over last Tuesday with my route in the other direction. Is that Ostuni? What lake did I photograph? And where did I cross the channel? Is that Boulogne? What I do know is that what took me 5 weeks to do north to south by bike took Ryan Air 2 hours and 55 minutes to do south to north (cue fanfare!) by plane. I preferred the former method.

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  1. Good to hear you made it back safely, I trust reggie is enjoying a well earned rest ? and Ryan Air looked after him well. Well done on fund raising as well, 500 pounds is a lot of money !.. If you get the time would be curious to hear about your experience on the Via Francigena….even if it was very little, as I know yu followed Eurovelo 5. but they were one and same at one instance ?? I do miss your updates !! its ridiculous.. I KNOW you have finished your journey but i log on anyway just in case !!.. Tricia and Ken are now in old East Germany so I have someone else to follow now and hear about how they are getting on as they cycle along the danube…My writing progresses, the daffodils are out as are the lambs.. I went for a very cold sea swim yesterday and I am trying to keep fit with a bit of swimming and running.. can’t wait to hand in this thesis and get back on my bike .. Cheers now helen O’S


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