Cisternino To Brindisi

The statistics you know (they are in the previous post). What you may have missed is the figure for the average speed today – 23.5 kms/hr – being the highest of the whole trip. It was a wonderfully easy ride and, with the wind slightly behind me, had I worked out the average at the gates of Brindisi the figure would have been more like 27.5 kms/hr! Apart from the wind, the roads were predominantly inclined downwards, smooth and had few pot holes. And of course Reggie was travelling light.
In no time at all I was in the centre of Brindisi but I didn’t want my journey to end just there. I wanted to find an end point. Initially the port side was going to be that end. Not very iconic. I then spotted a little ferry that appeared to be taking passengers to the other side of the narrow estuary that leads inland from the harbour. This would perhaps allow me to find the harbour wall… So I jumped on and prayed that it wasn’t the ferry for Greece. The 1โ‚ฌ ticket price suggested it wasn’t.
A few minutes later I was indeed on the other side of the water. And my cycle continued. Past the housing developments, through the military zone cut in two by a handy road, across the scrubland beyond the airport to the start of the harbour wall. If Carlsburg did harbour walls… It went on for at least a kilometre, if not further until, with just a couple of gulls and a lighthouse for company, we reached the desired iconic end. I now refer you to the previous post.

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  1. Congratulations, Andrew, I was following your blog until I set off on my owntrip, so I have only just seen that you successfully completed yours several days ago! All the best!

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