The Sassi Of Matera

Of course it wasn’t built for Mel Gibson’s film. Many of you must still be chuckling from the wit of yesterday’s post. It is a fascinating thing to look at however. And it’s no museum piece; people live, work, pray, paint, holiday… in the maze of dwellings in the ‘Sassi’ as it is called, the word meaning ‘stones’. Are you impressed? My guide book is very good. If you think you’ve got a difficult job, imagine being a postman here. Even more remarkable is that until about 60 years ago it was a slum. There is hope for Slough yet….
Reggie, Henry & myself will probably have to content ourselves with this view from the Belvedere Luigi Guerricchio as Reggie is not good with steps and I don’t want to put his back wheel through any more pain than is absolutely necessary. I will see if their is a bike-friendly way in but fear that it may not be the case…

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