It is now past 1am and I am so glad that later today I have a day off! The last two days cycling have been two of the most tiring so far; long, long days in the saddle towards the end of a long, long journey… In retrospect the two days should really have been three. The statistics for Sora to Benevento are as follows;
Cycling time: 7 hrs 44 mins 5 secs
Distance: 171.55 kms
Average speed: 22.1 kms/hr
Maximum speed: 50.0 s/hr
Eurovelo 5 distance: 2,918.1 kms
Here is Massimo, my host in Benevento and his girlfriend Elena. Too tired to give full details right now of my arrival but will do so first thing in the morning…

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  1. Hi Andrew! Hope you have a god day off! We are are all thinking of you and are looking forward to seeing you and hearing about the journey soon, love Janet.

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