En Route To Benevento

My energy is fading… I’ve paused at this ESSO service station and just consumed one of those hypercritically ironic food-drink combinations: a Magnum ice-cream and a Diet Coke. I am content for a few moments to just stare at those mountains; aren’t they magnificent? Sorry about the awning; didn’t have stamina to stand the other side of the building….

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  1. sounds like my internal rants at inconsiderate drivers are not uncommon amongst cyclists.
    Looks hot. diet coke and a magnum, sounds perfectly balanced to me.
    If you are anything like me when you cycle cravings kick in after the first 3 days.
    Looks pretty country. Enjoy and Kalispera

  2. Mountains do look magnificent – sounds like a hard day in the saddle – wonder if the stats will confirm this?

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