On The Tourist Trail

“Greg, do you wanna go up this thing?” someone just shouted. It’s not even 9 o’clock and the Campo dei Miracoli is already heaving. It is a beautiful open area; I just dread to think what it will be like later in the day. Lots of people are stood around the tower itself striking frozen poses, hands held out almost to the vertical as if they are contestants on Strictly Come Dancing waiting for the music to start. Perhaps if I put some Salsa music on the loudspeaker of my phone they may indeed spring into action. Seven!
I actually feel a bit of a scruff, sitting here in the shadow of the tilting erection; I am wearing the H&M t-shirt I bought in Strasbourg; one of only two pieces of clothing that didn’t go through the washing machine last night but by far the coolest (in the temperature sense) thing to wear. Pity it is stained and dirty. If I didn’t have my guide book with me I might pass for a workman continuing to work upon the restoration… I hope to pass a t-shirt shop en route today to find a replacement. Does Pisa or Lucca have a branch of H&M?

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