My guide books says that this is a place you could just spend hours wandering around, and that’s exactly what I have spent the morning doing. The picture here is actually a very untypical view of the city; most streets are long, thin and windy interrupted with the odd piazza or faรงade of a church. Because most of the central area of the walled town is pedestrianised “eccetto bicicletti”, you have to be careful not to dodge cars and buses but bikes which seem to be ridden by most locals. Not sure how well my extra width courtesy of the panniers would have gone down however and I certainly made the correct decision to come on the train.
I’m currently sitting in the shade of one of the trees which line the thick walls of the city, taking in the view. I can see that back in the centre one of the towers has some trees growing out of the top and there are some figures moving around just under the trees. They must have a cracking view so I have decided that, once I’ve exhausted myself sitting here doing nothing but relax, I’ll try and get up there myself.

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