La Spezia

Three hours predominantly downhill and 70 kilometres after leaving the Hobbits in their village, we arrive with all our spokes in tact at the sea. My aspiration yesterday of being able to spot the Mediterranean by the end of the day was on the assumption that you might have been able to see a bit of water in the far distance from the mountain pass. The first time I actually saw the blue stuff was when I was about 50 metres from it such is the geography of the land and the extent to which La Spezia is built up; the port itself with its cranes and warehouses blocked my view as I cycled along the very long street that leads to the seafront. But I have found a nice spot to sit and relax for a few moments and admire the view….
The plan for this afternoon is to cycle as close to the sea as I possibly can in the direction of Pisa with the aim of finding some accommodation that will suit me for two days giving me a chance of exploring Lucca and perhaps Pisa as well tomorrow. That’s still a long ride ahead of me. Campsites are in abundance in this area but since I have the choice, I’m going to try and be at least a little picky. In fact I have now entered the mass tourist zone; from here until the other side of Rome, I am one of many tens of thousands….

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  1. Pisa won’t take long, as the town itself is very ordinary. The tower, church & baptistry are all on one site and are indeed breathtaking, just don’t go any further.

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