Salsomaggiore To Berceto

Here are the statistics for the day;
Cycling time: 5 hrs 20 mins 52 secs
Distance: 99.75 kms
Average speed: 18.6 kms/hr
Maximum speed: 40.9 kms/hr
Eurovelo 5 distance: 2,076.9 kms
When I got to 2,000 kilometres I was hoping to take a picture similar to when I made it to 1,000 kilometres but at the time I was somewhere on the busy dual carriageway near Parma; it wouldn’t have made a good picture. I’ll try better when I get to 3,000.

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  1. Congrats on yet another milestone (kilometrestone?) I too have set light to an allegedly low fat pringle and yes that one ran with fat too. They do make great candles tho and if you need to ship lots of calories and replace salt then they will do the job. But only as part of a balanced diet , so get a beer with them occasionaly or suplement with a fine rijoca. Glad you managed to fix the iron horse and you are now, as always, trucking right.
    May have made a grave mistake today as just purchased a second hand tandem (should I book a spot with RELATE now?)

  2. Have you ever set a pringle on fire with a match? Nope – thought not. If you’ve had a few red wines, try it. You’ll be absolutely amazed at the fat that comes out of just one. I’ve never eaten one since! We’ll really miss our twice daily fix of eurovelo 5 in a couple of weeks. Supporting you all the way!

    • Can’t say I’ve ever set one alight David (and I’d be intrigued as to the circumstances that lead you to do so – was it an experiment at Oxford?). But… I’m loving eating lots of fat; I need it to make sure that I can get up all these mountains. Just had yet another meal fat laden meal and o could still eat it again. ๐Ÿ™‚
      PowerPoint is a w-i-p ! Start preparing your excuses….

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