Camping Arizona to ?

In fact lots of question marks today but the old guy who runs this place could cheer anyone up; I didn’t need the bottle of Montpulciano alone!
So here is the plan; cycle back into Salsomaggiore Terme and see if either of the two bike shops that have been suggested are indeed open. If they are shut I will detour to Parma (there are worse detours in the World!) to check out the shops there – Simone has supplied quite a list. Should I have no luck there (which seems difficult to imagine at this stage), I should at least know how the bike is holding up and whether it would be possible to continue south over the hills without the spoke repaired.
So as to where I will be tonight, I could guess but without any real idea. What would be nice is if by the end of the day I could at least see the sea, if not necessarily put my feet in it. Keep watching and reading to find out if I can or perhaps even do….

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  1. Hope the bike is ok, James said yesterday you have done well so far to cycle all that way all spokes in tact!!
    Back from France and had a lovely time (even did some cycling, but won’t embarrass myself with the distance) Sounds like you are having a magical time, take care.

  2. Just what I would have suggested. Sounds like Simone is a gem. Best of luck with the cycle shops and I hope you see the sea before sunset. Ciao!

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