Planning Pavia to Rome

I have an App on the iPhone that lists campsites in Italy… just not all of them! For example there is a site in Pavia but it isn’t mentioned on the App. Notwithstanding, I’ve just put lots of little triangles on the map of sites between here in Pavia and Rome. I reckon it will take me about a week to get down there. Then, after a day off in the capital, another week to get down to Puglia with a day off, of course in Benevento to meet up with Massimo.

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  1. What’s the name of the Italian camp site app you mentioned? (and how on earth did you keep it charged with all this blogging while camping!!) We’re considering riding ev5 this September and your blog has been a fabulous and inspiring read- thanks so much for sharing it in such detail

    • Hi Rowena
      Thanks for your comments. I find it a bit comical that I have done something which has inspired others but it’s nice. And I’m glad the website has been of use. The camping app? I think it was called Italian campsites (something quite prosaic like that – I’ll check to see if it is still on my iTunes account tonight when I get home). As far keeping the iPhone charged, I just got into the habit of pouncing upon any plugs that I could see whether they be in bars, cafรฉs, restaurants, hotels, campsite receptions etc.. I only once came close to running out of juice – in Colmar – but apart from that I was fine. I only kept the iPhone on when I actually needed to use it as well.
      Good luck with your plans. Let me know how you get on and have a great journey in September. Hope it is a bit drier for you than it was for me.
      Best wishes / Bon voyage!

  2. Dont know if you have picked this out already, but there seems to be a traffic-free cycle route in Rome from the A90 / GRA ring road in the north at Castel Giubileo into the heart of the city.

    From what I can gather it runs right down the western bank of the tiber? If so it’d be a great way of cutting right into the city from the north, without dodging so many APE trucklets and Vespe!

    There is not much info online, maybe one of your readers can help confirm? Very much enjoying your travelogue, cheers!


  3. Last year we found partcularly good camping grounds in St Gimanano and Sienna. best of all however was Camping Roma This is on Via Aurelia and still within the ring road so on normal urban transport. We had riden faster than we thought so had several days in Rome and this was really great

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