The Jury Is Still Out….

..on Camping des Trois Chateaux in Eguisheim; scrawny muddy pitch. The small town looks more promising and it’s only 200 metres away. Shower, change and explore that before I get too depressed. If it rains, it will not be fun in the morning.

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  1. Andrew,
    Following your progress avidly. Sorry didn’t make your leaving drinkies – a slight misunderstanding with Bas over when and where (as ever….)
    Re Eguisheim campsite – a bit worried about the log the people with the van seem to have poised to roll down on you. Do you snore?????
    Mike W

    • Thanks for the message. You’ll be delighted to know I survived the night without the log falling on my head…
      Hope you are enjoying the summer and having better weather than we have had in this part of Europe. Blue skies today however….
      See you at Twickenham in September!

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