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I’m tempting fate by saying this but if you split my route into three parts, part 1 being from Reading to Strasbourg, part 2 from Strasbourg to the Swiss-Italian border and part 3 being the entire length of Italy, part 2 is the “easy” bit when it comes to knowing where to go. Clearly it has the most challenging topology but from Strasbourg until Basel I will be following the Rhine Cycle Route (the thin blue line next to the A35 in the picture) and then in Switzerland, the well documented and sign-posted route 3 of the Swiss national cycle network. Then I arrive in Italy and it’s back to making things up as I go along…
So tomorrow I set off along the Canal of the Rhine & the Rhone in a more or less straight line route (with three kinks in it) towards Neuf-Brisach. I will then divert west to Colmar to find a campsite for the night. The site listed in the Rough Guide – Camping Colmar-Horbourg-Wihr – is cryptically described as “acceptable, inexpensive….”. I’m sure there are others available if I need to look. The following day – Saturday – it’s Basel and my first foray into Switzerland.
In theory, two relatively straight forward days but the weather could play an important role; tomorrow rain is forecast but Saturday is much more positive; one big, fat, yellow sun. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. A report on the quality of tarmac is essential to the blogosphere. and to make most brits a s jealous as hell.
    We here Switzerland is famous for it’s road quality

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