Mouillé, Mouillé, Mouillé

Cycling down from the “Porte des Vosges” could have been the most enjoyable ride so far; the long decent through deeply forested hills, opening out onto a plane full of colour, both from the crops in the fields and in the pretty villages with their brightly painted houses and window boxes and finally along a dedicated cycle route along disused railway tracks and an overgrown canal which brought me right into the centre of Strasbourg itself.
Unfortunately it threw it down for all but a few cherished minutes as I started along the canal. I hung around the campsite this morning as long as reason might dictate that a passing shower might stop but this was no passing shower so I plunged head first into the watery cycle that was waiting for me. A field of sunflowers summed up my mood; their heads were hung having given up on their search for the sun in a depressing reflection of the morning’s weather. For breakfast I cowered under an awning outside the boulangerie in Romanswiller.
But the good thing is that I am here in Strasbourg, one of the main stopping off points on the Eurovelo 5 route and a city I have wanted to visit for a long time. Here are the statistics of today’s cycle; Cycling time: 3 hrs 14 mins 28 secs
Distance: 65.02 kms
Average speed: 20.0 kms/hr
Maximum speed: 50.7 kms/hr
Eurovelo 5 distance: 1,116.9 kms
My first job is to find somewhere to stay. More later.

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  1. Well you said before leaving that it would feel like cheating if you didn’t get at least one real soaking on the trip. Well it sounds like you’ve got your wish!

    Hope there won’t be many more.


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