Thionville – Don’t Rush

Does 3,20€ seem a lot for a bottle of Diet Coke?
Just paused for lunch (which they can’t serve me in this bar…) at Thionville. Not a pretty place so I won’t be stopping long. This is very different country from the Meuse of last week. The vineyards mentioned earlier disappeared very quickly, as did the valley itself (I suppose the former needs the latter). The Moselle is meandering through flat country with sporadic bits of industry; a large power station being the main feature of the landscape. There is a cycle path, or rather there was; I think it finishes here in Thionville. Again, compared to the ‘voie verte’ next to the Meuse, it doesn’t stand up well but it is better, much better than the road which I will probably be on until Metz this afternoon. The temperature is higher although not really ‘hot’ compared to Luxembourg his morning but the wind is stronger. No wonder the majority of people I passed were cycling in the other direction. Mmm… That’s actually a stupid thing to say if you think about it….


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