Alsace & Lorraine Trigonometry

Think of a right-angle triangle with the right angle (the one that is 90 degrees for those of you who struggled in the CSE maths class) in the bottom left. The triangle is wider than it is tall (like a widescreen TV – this is differentiated blogging!). Hopefully you have in mind the same image as me. If your shape has more than three sides then please stop reading my blog immediately and go and watch something unchallenging on TV like Hollyoaks.
At the top left-hand corner of the triangle is Metz (where I am now). Bottom left is Nancy. Bottom right is Strasbourg. If at this point you are expecting me to tell you what is top right, please refer to the end of the previous paragraph. The distance from Metz to Nancy is about half the distance from Nancy to Strasbourg so the easy thing to do would be to break this week down into three journeys from Metz to Nancy to half way between Nancy and Strasbourg and finally to Strasbourg itself. God this is getting far top complicated!
However, there is of course the alternative of cycling along the hypotenuse (go and watch Hollyoaks!) for three shorter journeys but with bugger all on the map which resembles a decent size town at which to stop overnight. Suggestions welcome.

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  1. Good to see 3 years at York wasn’t wasted! But less of the trigonometry – interested to hear over the next few days how the physical challenge is – you may look back fondly on the cooler weather you’re having when you’re heading through Italy in a couple of weeks. I trust also that you’re already mentally preparing the family powerpoint show! We’re mentally preparing to watch it!!!!

  2. marmoutier looks cute. Nice church but the campsite is a bit before it in thal-marmoutier 2-3 km out

  3. Andrew

    Please do not take this the wrong way but I think you are going a little crazy. You are obviously not comfortable with your own company and are striving for any and all human interaction – even if it is commenting on your own blog. And I can understand your naming your bike but a tent…come on man! And why such old masculine names? Do you possibly have some deep seated paternal issues?

    I would very much welcome more description of your mental health and well being on the road (or not as the case may be) and less of the Mathematics 101. A day by day account of a man losing his mind on a cross continent cycle ride would make an absolutely fantastic read and possibly even be the basis for a book. (10% suggestion commission please).

    Au revoir

  4. Commenting on your own blogs is like talking to yourself but I have decided to go along the hypotenuse to Sarrebourg tomorrow and then on to Strasbourg. I’ll see if o can fit in an extra overnight stop somewhere en route so that I arrive in Strasbourg on Friday. Put your set squares away….

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