The Official Start!

Now let’s get this straight; I’m not cycling the Via Francigena. I’m not starting in Canterbury and finishing in Rome and unless I experience some sort of revelation in the next few weeks, I remain an unbeliever. However the Eurovelo 5 is inspired by the VF and they are very similar. Indeed, as I have decided to chop out Brussels from my route, my journey is kind of a cross between the two. So it would seem churlish to miss the opportunity of visiting this little plaque to the honour of pilgrims on a visit to Canterbury in the precincts of the cathedral. Mind you, it cost me ยฃ8 for the privilege! Bah, humbug…

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  1. At least the weather looks favorable!
    Scotland was a washout and the last three days were into a fierce headwind. Got the mileage in with two days to spare but had the day from hell yesterday getting home from just south of Peebles.116 miles, a steady 20mph headwind with gusts upto 40 and to top it all lost a map to the rain that meant climbing 1:5 slopes and a getting lost diversion of about 10 miles! Still a lot of interesting people met and an average of 89.6 miles per day makes me feel the constant drenchings were worth it.
    Hope you are meeting good people and the wind is with you.
    All the best Jim

    • Sorry to hear about the weather but it sounds as though you still enjoyed the trip. It couldn’t be less stormy here in Deal. The calm before the storm? The scary bit of being on foreign territory starts today… in exotic Boulogne-sur-mer… ๐Ÿ™‚

      • If it wasn’t a bit scary it wouldn’t be an adventure, it would be routine. Every trip I do I plan to finish but the finish is never to plan. Enjoy and trust that there are 98% of the good people of the world willing to help all around you. Don’t tempt the other 2%.
        have fun, Jim

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