Map Art Installation

Removing the excess parts of the eleven 1:200,000 maps that cover the entire length of the Eurovelo 5 route allows me to create a (temporary) addition to the living room…. There is a gap between the Saint Gotthard Pass and the Swiss-Italian border; not the place to get to the bottom of a hill and then realise you’ve gone the wrong way!

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  1. Andrew
    You can rely on me for £0,01 per kilometre you bike on this trip. Just let me know the number of kilometres and I’ll simply contribute at that level as I firmy believe in the need to safeguard the habitat of all other species and of the need for humans to live in close harmony with the rest of nature.

    • Thanks. I will make sure that I count every one of the kilometres. The “official” Eurovelo 5 figure is 3,900 kms but various people have cast doubt upon this figure; I estimate it will probably be more like 3,000 – 3,500. It depends upon how many detours I do!
      Boulogne was a bit overcast yesterday. Let’s hope it brightens up for next week. See you on Tuesday!

  2. Best of luck on the tour fella.
    Am off on one up Scotland for 9 days and , hopefully, I will be nowhere near any technology.
    Hope ypo have the wind on your back the sun in the sky and good company when you need it.

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