The First Photo From The iPhone

As predicted, much stress was involved in sending this picture. The instructions from the teenage technophile were far too brief to be of use and after a call to an Indian call centreย and far too much alcohol, I have managed to start to get to grips with the machine. It is sleek, flat and hard, like a piece of slate. It is very cool and will, along with the SPOT (which has a far less trendy name) make me the most technologically switched on cyclist along the Eurovelo 5 this summer…

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  1. I bought one of these to keep my iPhone protected for rain, sweat and dirt. I decided to upgrade from my freezer bag! It fits quite well and is very waterproof with several layers to seal before you get to the phone! I got rid of the string to keep the bulk down.

    You also can get one with a headphone adapter which enters the bag through a little gromit to keep the waterproof. I didn’t bother with this as I wanted to keep the battery life of the iPhone. It is also a bit bigger.

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